1977 X1/9 Project Journal – Day Two

Day Two – and it will be about six weeks before there is a day three as I left the car on blocks in a shed until I can return to it.  It took about five hours to clean it thoroughly, and I could have spent probably five more.  Inside and out, just plan old dirty.  I ended up washing the outside and waxing it with a cheap, heavy wax to try and seal the few points of corrosion while it waits.

After a bath:



The rear looks good as well; pretty straight!



What i know about it so far:

I installed a battery and tested the starter, cranked the engine, it turns.  The ignition system needs to be rebuilt (no spark and i don’t know if it is the coil, wires, or points, but they’re all nasty and need to be replaced anyway).  The fuel pump does not work.  The engine sounded once like it wanted to fire, on starter fluid and fresh gas in the bowl, but it never did and I wasn’t up to pushing it.  The carburetor is nasty on the outside and needs a good brushing, inside doesn’t look much better.  I may simply pick up a new one just to eliminate this as the problem – though I don’t see me running the stock carb for long.

It definitely was not running when parked, or at least not stopping, as when I removed the wheels to put it up on blocks the brake rotors fell right off and the calipers are hanging by little ropes in the fender wells.  Rear brakes are nasty; the entire braking system will need to be replaced with new parts.

The electrical system is at least sound enough to run the radiator fan, interior fan, interior lights, turn the starter, etc.  The headlamps do not function at all.  The instrumentation does not illuminate but all of the warning and indicator lamps do.

It does not drip oil or coolant at rest, though there isn’t really a way to know if these systems are holding up to pressure until I can get it to crank.  The plan is to return later this fall and bring it to my shop for a proper diagnosis and repair.  I don’t see any difference between this car and most I’ve owned, replace almost everything that can be replaced.