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1977 X1/9 Project Journal – Day Sixteen

This isn’t much of an update…unless you consider sanding an update.  I’ve done a lot of sanding on the sides and back, and tiring of the repetition I decided to remove the wiring harness from the front of the car.  Now all of the wiring is out of the trunk, engine bay, and frunk, and the body is about 90% ready for priming and painting.  Almost there…and a long way away.

iPhones are great for reference photographs of where wires should go, especially when they are connected to 1970’s relay setups like this:

I tend to transcribe what I’m doing as I work:

Cleaning up the pistons by soaking them in a can of parts cleaner.  In case you’ve ever wondered where the “oiling holes” are on a pison, they’re in the bottom-most ring recess:

On this piston (below) the top ring is completely frozen into the piston, which makes sense considering the car had less than 60psi on two cylinders when I tested it.  After a day or two of soaking I’ll decarbonize and hopefully the ring will have un-seized:

I’m slowly getting done with the clean up and prep stage of this, and getting ready to send off the body and start the engine and transmission rebuilds.  That’s the fun stuff.