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1977 X1/9 Project Journal – Day Thirteen

Engine disassembly day.  Despite 40 years of crud the motor appears to be in good condition, the bores have no ridge but show obvious signs of ring failure.  The biggest issue I had was removing the alternator and water pump, both frozen in place by time.  Both are completely trashed, corroded inside and out.  The motor has never been opened that I can tell, showing no signs of anything but sludge and the effects of time.

The bores appear to be fine; some discoloration that looks more like rust in the photos.

A better shot.  The ring failure is more than apparent on the left bore:

This is what a flywheel looks like after a decade or more without moving:

Nothing too remarkable in the crank area, everything was quite clean and showed a lot less sludge and discoloration than I expected:

Awaiting “what’s  next?” which is a trip to the machine shop for a good cleaning and more accurate measurement than I can do here at home.